Junior Extra TCI

Junior Extra TCI offers quality and technology together in one design, ideal for domestic use. The result can be seen in the cup, with fantastic looking coffee and even better taste. The TCI offers individual temperature control, with electronic coffee temperature control devices that offer a separate boiler for the group head, and a boiler for the steam and hot water. The boiler temperatures can be controlled separately. For years, BFC has been recognised for its prominence among professional espresso machines. The Junior Extra TCI offers the same technology for use at home or among smaller operators. It is available in the Junior collection, and the new Junior Elite, which is a mix of elegance and technology that brings espresso machines to the next level. With a copper boiler and thermo-siphonic circuit, the unit is entirely made of steel AISI 304. The combination of superior materials enables the creation of extraordinary quality. New features of note in the Junior Elite include a tank with a capacity of 3 litres, including an easy access tank for easy filling. The machine also offers an integrated professional motor pump, allowing the user the option to use water in the tank, or tap water, by simply pressing a switch. For more information visit

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