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With more than 80 years of history, Jura is no stranger to the need to innovate to remain ahead of the pack. Founded in 1931 and based in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland, Jura is a market leader in the field of high-end automatic coffee machines. While Jura’s range includes coffee machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry, it is in the field of superautomatics that the company has been making significant waves of late. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has also grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. While all of Jura’s machines are developed in Switzerland and produced in line with stringent Swiss quality standards, new technologies have begun to emerge over the past five years that have catapulted superautomatic coffee machines into the internet age. With superautomatic coffee machines now being connected to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets it is possible to operate and monitor them in real-time via their app. With its strong focus on innovation, Jura is up to date and ready to meet these needs with its products. Thanks to Jura Smart Connect, controlling their automatic coffee machines via smartphone or tablet has been simplified also enabling communication with smart accessories and offering brand new programming options. The new Jura Smart Connect uses Bluetooth communication, based on a transmitter that is simply plugged into the coffee machine. This then works in conjunction with the Jura Connect App. The Jura Connect App allows users to wirelessly operate the machine and link up to various accessories. High-quality, robust and durable products are the result of the creativity of the Jura team, with 70 engineers who put a painstaking love for detail into the new generation of machines, developing the hardware and software, the preliminary models, the fluid systems and components and putting everything through its paces in the laboratory. Jura’s stated objective is to create the perfect cup of coffee thanks to innovative technologies, an intuitive operation and cleaning and an elegant design. Jura also has several hospitality centers worldwide which offer a high standard of service for its customers. With the WE8, Jura has created a superautomatic coffee machine perfectly suited for offices and workplaces. With a bigger capacity, but still small in size, the WE8 features accessories such as a payment box, wireless milk cooler, and of course the machines are connected through smartphones and tablets. Featuring a water tank with a 3-litre holding capacity, a bean container for 500 grams of coffee beans and a coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions, the WE8 is the ideal solution for locations where around 30 coffees are consumed per day. Water of the highest quality is essential to creating the best possible coffee experience. The Claris Smart from Jura revolutionises water filtration. For the first time, thanks to modern Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology, a coffee machine can continually communicate with the filter. It recognises whether a filter has been inserted and automatically activates the appropriate mode. It continually collects information about filter use and alerts the user when the filter capacity has been exhausted. This not only makes changing the filter easier than ever before, but also allows the Claris Smart to achieve optimum effectiveness. For the larger workplace, the Giga-X-line Professional offers everything needed by staff in a large office or staff room. The Giga X3 delivers up to 34 individually programmable speciality coffees and 12 barista recipes at the touch of a button, including the flat white. The machine is designed for simple operation and minimal topping-up thanks to the large bean container with a holding capacity of one kilogram and aroma preservation cover as well as an optional drip a set and coffee grounds disposal function set. Integrated rinsing and cleaning operations can be started at the touch of a button, minimising the amount of work needed to maintain the machine on a daily basis. In the food service and Hospitality, Retail and Catering (Horeca) segments, Jura has developed its line of Giga machines. The high-performance Giga X8c Professional comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare perfect coffee in record time. The optimally extracted coffee is mixed with hot water inside the machine by means of an extra bypass to ensure that absolutely no flavour is lost during the process. Also the machine’s speed function and time-saving, intuitive operation make the Gigaa  X8c Professional ideal for use in catering. Inside all of these Jura machines are three components that form the pillars of the company’s commitment to delivering quality and consistency. Jura only uses high-quality grinders with low wear and great durability. By perfecting the cutting angle inside the grinding cones, Jura engineers have managed to increase efficiency significantly. This gentle grinding process allows the flavours to be retained in all their natural fullness and is twice as fast as conventional grinding. When it comes to preparing the milk, Jura’s innovative frothers were specially designed to crown specialty coffees with milk and milk foam. With revolutionary fine foam technology, they create finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency to professional barista standard. And Jura’s patented brewing unit with variable brewing chamber is the most important part of any Jura coffee machine. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it creates the perfect pressure and optimum brewing conditions for any amount of ground coffee between five and 16 grams. The Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System and the Pulse Extraction Process, which optimises the coffee flavour, work together to allow the flavours to fully unfold. Jura’s machines are also built with the environment in mind. Jura’s automatic speciality coffee machines come with innovative technologies and energy-saving modes to avoid unnecessary power consumption and actively save energy. Overall, Jura’s commitment to excellence sees the company striving to perform ahead of the pack in just about all of the key areas of its business. All the innovations that Jura presents to its customers are the result of its quest for perfection and for the perfect coffee quality, from a ristretto to a flat white. GCR

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