KAR-S 15 ROASTER & KL1500 roller grinder


Brambati’s KAR-S 15 roaster and a KL1500 roller grinder were already operating for the processing of soy, grains, legumes, and is now making waves in the coffee sector.

The KAR-S roaster is a series designed by following the standards of Brambati roasters, but with less sophistications and different features that are necessary for non-coffee products. As always, this roaster embraces Brambati’s best solutions in terms of safety, flexibility and is easy to operate.

The KL1500 roller grinder is another new model developed to increase production capacity in small spaces, thus reducing the environmental impact and costs.

It can be used at multiple grinding stages, featuring up to four couples or rollers in order to cope with different ranges of particle sizes required in the worldwide market

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