Karalynn McDermott named NAMA 2023 Coffee Legend of the Year

Karalynn McDermott Coffee Legend of the Year

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) has named Karalynn McDermott of Eversys the 2023 Coffee Legend of the Year.

The annual award honours a coffee services pioneer, innovator, leader, and visionary who is passionate about coffee and willing to share their passion to educate and help others succeed.

“Karalynn embodies what it means to be a legend in the coffee industry,” says NAMA President and CEO Carla Balakgie. “Her innovations touch every consumer who enjoys a piping hot, or refreshingly cold, cup of coffee today.”

McDermott is the second woman to be honoured with the award. She is a patent holder in coffee equipment technology and is credited with contributions in IoT capabilities, thermal holding systems, and brewing equipment programming to achieve excellent coffee bloom.

“As a NAMA volunteer leader, Karalynn is extraordinarily generous with both her time and insight, driving initiatives that advance the convenience services industry through valuable and enduring personal connections and as a contributor to industry education,” says Balakgie.

McDermott has served on many NAMA committees, including the Education Committee, Executive Committee and Coffee Services Committee.

The award will be presented at NAMA’s Coffee Tea and Water event, which will take place from 6 to 7 November in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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