Kerry refreshes the art of mixology in non-alcoholic beverages


Taste and nutrition company Kerry has brought the art of mixology online with its Refreshing Mixology Live Virtual Tasting Event that was held on 14 October.

With beverage and mixology experts hosting the event, the session was an in-depth look at the vibrant and exciting world of non-alcoholic mixology.

Defined as the delicate art of fusing aromas, tastes, and presentation, Kerry says mixology is a science that requires balance in order to create a delicious beverage.

“The beverage landscape is dynamic and evolving. Traditional categories are blurring; for example, from flavoured water, there’s now functional flavoured water, dairy beverages has led to dairy beverages fortified with ingredients that support immunity,” says Harsch Koshti, Marketing Director for Taste technologies at Kerry APMEA.

The fast-changing world of refreshing beverages can offer so many inspired ideas for mixology. Combine this inspiration with the art of mixology and the potential for great-tasting, innovative refreshing beverages is limitless.”

The comprehensive session covered the basics of taste, the trends shaping the beverage industry, and what Kerry calls the “pillars” of creative mixology. These include botanicals, tropical, bitters, barrel ageing, citrus, and spice. Each pillar’s history and characteristics were examined, along with how this impacted the final beverage.

The event also saw beverage kits sent to attendees with ingredients to make six concept drinks, offering different tastes and health benefits.

Beverages included aperitif-inspired Spritz & Groove, a tea-mixology inspired Ginger Mule, and a ‘0˚ ABV Exxpresso’ which is a redefined Espresso Martini falling within the Energy drink category.

In line with Kerry’s sustainability goals, the kits feature biodegradable cups, bamboo straws, and a recycled glass bottle.

This event forms part of Kerry’s ongoing virtual customer engagement sessions to explore the rapidly evolving global beverage market. Beginning with Beverages in the new normal and Caffeine in the East in 2020, its most recent event in 2021 was Dairy without Compromise which focused on plant-based drinks.

“There are many insights and pillars which form the foundation of mixology that may not be widely known. That needs to change in order for customers and businesses to appreciate just how much mixology can help to create great beverages that satisfy consumer needs,” says Koshti.

“We will continue to host these sessions to educate and involve others on our quest for nutritious, balanced, and delicious beverages.”

 For more information, visit Refreshing Mixology

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