Keurig to spend $11 million on water conservation

Keurig Green Mountain will donate $11 million dollars to address the global water shortage. Announcing its multi-faceted plan this week, the company will fund four water-related non-profit organisations (NPO).  In its collaboration with one NPO, Charity: water, Keurig Green Mountain aims to bring clean drinking water to 1 million people by 2020. “Freshwater resources are dwindling and communities throughout the world are threatened with scarcity,” said Keurig Green Mountain’s President and CEO, Brian Kelley, in a statement. Keurig Green Mountain also said that it intends to collaborate with conservation experts in late 2014, at its first annual Keurig Green Water Summit in Vermont.

“Water is a critical natural resource that is fundamentally important to our company, our consumers, our stakeholders and our supply chain.  As a business and as global citizens, we have a responsibility to promote good water stewardship in the world,” added Kelley in the statement.

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