Keurig Vue System with RFID technology

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters expanded the commercial application of its single cup brewing system, Keurig Vue, with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Engineered for use by professional services firms with frequent users, the Vue V1200 is a premium single cup brewing system designed with a customisable technology allowing users to have control over the strength, size and temperature of their beverages. The UL certified commercial Vue V1200 brewer incorporates RFID technology to the beverage packs to simplify and enhance the brewing experience. This My Brew technology was engineered by Keurig to guide users who might not be familiar with the Keurig single cup brewing system by enabling the brewer to default to optimum settings for the chosen beverage based on a ‘recipe’ tag. The new Keurig Vue V1200 brewer received the Gold Award for Innovation in the OCS & Water Equipment Category at the 2012 National Automatic Merchandiser Association’s One Show.

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