KFC France endorses Franke Coffee Systems


Franke Coffee Systems has confirmed its A300 professional coffee machine is in the official KFC suppliers listing for 2021 and onwards.

Working together, Franke Coffee Systems and one of Franke’s partners and distributors in France, G3 Concepts, fulfilled the comprehensive review process required by Yum!, brand owner of KFC.

Parent company, Yum!, selected the A300 after a rigorous testing process.

“The collaboration with Franke and G3 Concepts has been very satisfactory and we are convinced the Franke A300 is a solution that benefits each of our over 250 KFC businesses,” says Alejandro Marroquin, Operations Innovation Manager at Yum!.

“The use of our own ingredients throughout the testing process ensures that coffee quality remains consistent at every location. This is essential and in keeping with our KFC brand experience.”

Franke says the A300 coffee machine proves a successful solution for KFC France’s local franchise network.

Moreover, a series of live demonstrations at the G3 Concepts showroom helped to simulate the conditions and beverage recipes found within the typical KFC franchise location.

Each test was conducted using KFC’s own coffee beans, milk powder and chocolate powder.

“Yum! recognised the overall efficient and reliable solution the A300 represents,” says a spokesperson from G3 Concepts.

“In addition to proving high in-cup quality with every beverage, the A300 is also functionally practical.

“Its highly compact footprint means it easily fits into the commercial, quick service restaurant environment, and operations are exceptionally straightforward.”

Going beyond showroom demonstrations, Franke and G3 Concepts collaborated with Yum! to install four A300 coffee machines in selected KFC franchise locations where performance testing took place over a period of a few months.

The teams came together regularly to review operational results as well as overall coffee beverage satisfaction.

For more information, visit the Franke Coffee Systems website.

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