La Cimbali and Grand Havana form US distribution agreement

American coffee company Grand Havana and Italian espresso machine manufacturer Gruppo Cimbali have announced a distribution agreement, enabling both companies to work together to achieve national expansion for Grand Havana.

The partnership will enable Grand Havana to increase its presence in the market by utilising Gruppo Cimbali's capabilities to streamline its food service business and expand national business operations and brand footprint.

In return, Gruppo Cimbali will further expand its footprint in the United States market through an increased presence in Miami.

“This agreement is greatly beneficial to Grand Havana in more than just the obvious route. With the ability to offer Cimbali's equipment, Grand Havana can now properly amplify growth efforts simply by having the equipment it needs when it needs it,” says Robert Rico, CEO of Grand Havana.

Grand Havana is a specialty coffee company headquartered in Miami, Florida, offering a broad array of coffee products and services. Its Optimum Blend is available nationwide and served in locations including, supermarkets, cafés, convenience stores, hotels, and online marketplaces.

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