La Marzocco celebrates 90th birthday

Leading espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco is celebrating ninety years of heritage, technology and design with people, the worldwide specialty coffee community and the future placed at the center. Beginning on 28 March, La Marzocco is launching the La Marzocco 90th Anniversary World Tour: an series of events to convey its story, traditions and innovations, by means of a pop-up installation with stops at the following events: – Tuesday, 28 March: Out of the Box, Melbourne
– Wednesday, 29 March: La Marzocco China Inauguration Party, Shanghai
– Thursday to Sunday, 6 to 9 April: The London Coffee Festival, London
– Friday to Sunday, 21 to 23 April: La Marzocco Café at KEXP, Seattle
– Friday to Tuesday, 20 to 24 October: HOST Exhibition, Milan At every tour date, a La Marzocco staff member will act as an ambassador to narrate the history of La Marzocco since 1927 until today. Dressed in a manner typical of the 1920s, the ambassador will become part of the pop-up café concept of the same era, whose design recalls that of the company founder, Giuseppe Bambi. A replica model of the Bambi’s first espresso machine, the Fiorenza will also be on display to illustrate the early beginnings of handmade espresso machines. While the company has experienced significant expansion in the past decade, it has not lost sight of its aim to express the values upon which it was founded 90 years ago by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi: meticulously persevere the manufacture of the finest in class specialty coffee equipment, while encompassing people, heritage, technology and design.

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