La Marzocco launches new Officine Fratelli Bambi brand and workshop

LA Morzocco

La Marzocco has launched its new sub brand and artisan workshop: Officine Fratelli Bambi. Translated to “Bambi Brother’s Workshop”, Officine Fratelli Bambi is dedicated to creating bespoke machines and unique catalogue machines by hand for both commercial and home use.

This sub-brand will operate out of an artisan workshop on the ground floor of La Marzocco’s historic manufacturing facility, which was recently renovated into the Accademia Del Caffè Espresso coffee education centre.

Officine Fratelli Bambi was the company’s original name before being converted to La Marzocco. As such, La Marzocco says the brand is symbolic of bringing together its heritage with where it is today.

Officine Fratelli Bambi seeks to invigorate the brands “Handmade in Florence” tagline with the brands current consumer base.

“It’s about handmade signifying excellence, quality, and exquisite design. The Officine Fratelli Bambi brand represents legacy, artistry, and innovation,” La Marzocco said in a statement.

Orders for the catalogue machine are made on a first come, first serve basis with estimated lead times communicated once the order is placed.

The first catalogue machine for the sub-brand is the PB Comet. This machine has a hand-polished stainless-steel exterior and is available as a three-group with Pro Touch steam wands. Automatic Brew Ratio scales and cup warmers can be ordered as optional add-ons.

All catalogue machines come fully certified with old designs retired when space is needed for new offerings.

The other Officine Fratelli Bambi offering, bespoke espresso machines, is aimed at customers who want something completely unique to them. The process is estimated to take a minimum of nine months with prices dependent on the design.

“Each bespoke design is only limited by the number of hours our artisans can work,” La Marzocco said.

Clients and brands are welcome to collaborate with Officine Fratelli Bambi to create new innovative designs and will work closely with members of the sub-brand and La Marzocco. The process can be done remotely or in person at the Accademia with clients able to inspect and select the raw materials that will form part of their espresso machine. The new Accademia will also feature a Material Techna room that is dedicated to showcasing bespoke espresso machine options.

“Our goal with bespoke manufacturing is to collaborate and learn together with our customers. At the end of the process, we want to have an ongoing relationship with them,” La Marzocco said.

“Our machines take significant time and effort to manufacture. Therefore, we have a preference for creating bespoke commercial machines but will entertain bespoke home machines for the right clients.”

The process for creating a bespoke espresso machine will see clients working with Scott Guglielmino, Global Product Manager of La Marzocco to identify product details. Once this stage is completed, clients will begin design work with Stefano Della Pietra, Product Designer of La Marzocco. Clients will be kept involved and informed throughout the entire project.

Through Officine Fratelli Bambi, La Marzocco hopes to continue the brand’s tradition of handmade espresso machines, reaching leaders and innovators who are “true fans of exceptional design”.

“We are excited to bring our handcrafted heritage into modern day, creating innovative techniques to realise designs that were previously impossible,” the company said.

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