La Marzocco lets customers build their own espresso machine

La Marzocco is allowing customers to customise their own GS3 espresso machine with the launch of its new website La Marzocco Home. La Marzocco Home allows the home barista to click their way to a unique machine with specialised design features, including matte black body panels, wood accents, and glass side panels. “For some people, the coffee-making experience is simply pushing a button and drinking whatever comes out of the machine,” said Scott Callender, Director, La Marzocco Home. “La Marzocco Home is for the people that demand higher quality and have fallen or are falling in love with the coffee making ritual.” The recently launched website lets coffee nerds learn more about the history of espresso, and take online espresso making lessons.
La Marzocco, through its Seattle office, is selling equipment and accessories to home espresso enthusiasts in the United States for the first time. Up until now, the company, founded and headquartered in Florence, Italy, has been working solely with commercial clientele. “With the pronounced generation of third wave coffee being celebrated in most urban environments across the United States, barista culture is growing and relevant in the world of hospitality,” said La Marzocco. “There is currently an increased consumer curiosity and interest to learn how to be a barista, pull shots, create latte art, and even own their espresso machines to entertain in the home.” La Marzocco Home said it invites the aspiring home barista to design a machine to fit his or her lifestyle and aesthetic appeal best.

Visit the La Marzocco Home website:

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