La Marzocco releases limited edition push tamper

The adjustable and hockey puck-shaped tamper was first seen when UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna Dashwood used it in his 2015 World Barista Championship routine, receiving perfect tamping scores. “It is a privilege that La Marzocco wants to put their own logo, a world accepted mark of quality, alongside our’s on the push tamper. And their request to work with us, promoting the original innovation, rather than copying our invention is credit to their values as a company and commitment to the industry,” Clockwork Espresso Founder Pete Southern says. The partnership follows a La Marzocco study last year confirming the ergonomic benefits of using the tamper.The University in Waterloo study found the push tamper significantly reduces the risk of injury to baristas and requires a more neutral thoracic and lumbar spine posture. “We are proud to aid Clockwork Espresso in delivering an innovative product to our community. The push tamper is revolutionary, providing an ergonomic way to improve quality while preserving the health of the barista,” La Marzocco International CEO Guido Bernardinelli says. For more information, click here.

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