La Marzocco surrenders rights to integrated scale technology

La Marzocco

La Marzocco and Middleby Corporation, owner of Marco Beverage Systems and Synesso, have surrendered the intellectual property rights protecting the innovation of the scales integrated into the espresso coffee machines.

According to La Marzocco, this initiative was carried out to further the path of sharing technologies and extraction methods, making them more accessible for the betterment of coffee quality.

La Marzocco says it has always been dedicated to researching technologies and solutions capable of improving the overall quality of espresso coffee.

In the over 90 years it has been in business, La Marzocco has introduced innovations and technology such as the horizontal boiler, the double boiler, and pressure profiling.

Alongside Marco Beverage Systems, La Marzocco has brought the integrated scale technology to the espresso machine market, offering professional baristas a technology capable of controlling and programming the dispensed amount of beverage by mass rather than by volume. By displaying the time and mass directly from the machine during extraction, baristas are constantly able to control the extraction of the beverage.

La Marzocco also continues to pursue innovation with Auto Brew Ratio, a technology allowing the barista to keep the concentration ratio of the coffee beverage, and generally its organoleptic properties unchanged, as the conditions surrounding the espresso machine vary.

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