La Marzocco teams up with Allegra Events on pop-up café for London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival 2012 and Allegra Events Ltd. has joined forces with La Marzocco to create a pop-up independent coffee shop called The True Artisan Café. The café will be positioned in the heart of the London festival, which takes place from 27-29 April. The café will bring different café owners, products and baristas together under one roof. The True Artisan Café will be hosted by 18 baristas, each from different cafés and roasteries across London. Each of the baristas will be allocated a three-hour time slot during the event, where they will showcase their skills and products using La Marzocco’s Strada machine. La Marzocco’s Marketing Director, Chris Salierno, says The True Artisan Café initiative aims to celebrate the local coffee community as well as offering visitors the chance to taste some of London’s best coffee products. “For La Marzocco, The True Artisan Café represents an opportunity to bring together the independent coffee shop community and the third wave coffee scene,” says Salierno. “This project gives independent cafes a chance to get involved in the festival and to celebrate the local coffee community.” The café aims to raise money for Project Waterfall through a visitor donation box. Project Waterfall is a clean water initiative, which delivers clean water projects to Africans coffee producing regions.  Many cafés have already signed up to be part of this fundraising enterprise including Nude Espresso, Tapped & Paked, Sacred, Pacucc, Allpress as well as Taylor St Baristas. Owner of Nude Espresso, Richard Reed says that he is delighted to be involved in The True Artisan café. “It is always a pleasure to work with La Marzocco,” says Richard. “A company that pushes the boundaries of espresso machine innovation and support a worthy charity, Project Waterfall”.

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