La Spaziale

La Spaziale has introduced a super-compact espresso machine, the La Spaziale Dream. The machine features the performance of its top series S40 Seletron with the compact dimensions of the series S1. The multi-language display has been designed as intuitively as a smartphone. The machine offers the possibility to set four different user/coffee profiles by programming the main functioning and operating parameters including coffee water temperature, hot water and steam boiler temperature, volumetric dose, pre-infusion time, and regulating parameters for hot water and tea. The function allows each operator to work with a chosen setting profile, and/or control various  parameters of different single origins and blends on a machine. The temperature is regulated via a Proportional Integral Derivative, an algorithm that verifies and checks the temperature to ensure it’s consistent. The compact size of the machine and advanced technology also minimises energy usage. It automatically shuts down when not used for a period of time, and its economy function directs power only where necessary. The model is available in two versions, with and without an inner tank. See

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