Lamastus Family Estates reveals 2022 auction results

Lamastus Family Estates

Lamastus Family Estates held its second private auction on 7 September, selling its top-scoring coffee for US$6034 per pound.

The top-scoring coffee, a Gesha Aguacatillo from the Elida Estates, sold to BlackGold Specialty Coffee from Taiwan, Clay Coffee Collective from Beijing, and The Espresso Lab from Dubai.

A total of 1762 pounds of geisha coffee was auctioned in 25 lots of different sizes from the Lamastus Family’s three farms, Elida Estate, El Burro Estate and Luito Estate.

Accorrding to Lamastus Family Estates, the results of the auction exceeded expectations, selling the top-scoring coffee after 75 bids from different companies around the world.

The average price of the total auctioned lots was US$341.24 per pound.

The rest of the geisha lots were sold to China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United States, Japan, and South Korea.

The overall auction was divided into four ‘book’ samples, the Story of Region, the Story of Terroir, the Story of Fruit, and the Story of Innovation. The Story of Elevation was also sold as a unique and sole sample.

Lamastus Family Estates says this news help bring hope to more than 25 million coffee farming families around the globe that are struggling with coffee prices.

To view the results and for more information about the auction, visit

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