Lavazza announces US partnership with WeWork

Lavazza has partnered with WeWork as the flexible workspace provider's premier coffee partner in the United States and Canada, serving the WeWork community across its portfolio of over 300 locations.

“At WeWork, coffee represents an important part of our workplace experience – from offering our members drip coffee and cold brew on tap to dedicated barista bars in select locations and more,” says Hamid Hashemi, Chief Product & Experience Officer. “We are thrilled to have Lavazza as our partner, helping our members better fuel their work day, every day.”

Lavazza says its ongoing dedication to sustainable initiatives, which has garnered consistent recognition by the Reputation Institute including a top 10 placement in 2019, made for the perfect partnership to bring a conscious coffee offering to WeWork members. In addition to serving coffee throughout WeWork buildings, Lavazza will also offer WeWork members the opportunity to enjoy its products at home.

“Lavazza is proud to partner with WeWork to provide a more sustainable offering for their workforce and beyond,” says Davide Riboni, President of Lavazza Americas. “While Lavazza has a proven history of supporting environmental initiatives, we feel that now more than ever, investing in the future of our earth is not just the 'new normal' – it is essential.

Lavazza will outfit more than 300 WeWork locations across the United States and Canada with Lavazza machines serving coffee, espresso, and cold brew from the eco-friendly ¡Tierra! and Alteco product ranges.

¡Tierra! coffees are part of Lavazza's ¡Tierra! Project, an initiative of the Lavazza Foundation which has supported the development of economic, cultural, and environmental conditions of coffee growing regions for more thsn 15 years.

¡Tierra! coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified, indicating they are sourced from more sustainable agricultural practices that protect ecosystems and support farm workers with fair wages and dignified living conditions. Separate from the

¡Tierra! Project, Alteco Organic Premium Blend is organic and carries Utz and USDA Organic certifications, verifying environmentally friendly farming practices.

The ¡Tierra! Project initiatives in Colombia and Brazil have empowered thousands of farmers to grow quality coffee utilizing sustainable agricultural practices. Including the ¡Tierra! Project, the Lavazza Foundation has 21 projects in 14 countries aimed at improving the productivity and quality of coffee cultivation while promoting independence for over 60,000 producers. Since 2015, Lavazza has released its annual Sustainability report to gauge the environmental impact of brand practices and inform future initiatives.

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