Lavazza partners with Brambati to expand roasting plant


Italian coffee roaster Lavazza has partnered with roaster manufacturer Brambati S.p.A to commission three of its latest generation roasters and plant engineering relating to the expansion its existing plant.

Brambati will also assist Lavazza with plant engineering relating to the expansion of its existing green coffee and roasted coffee plant. The expansion consists of increasing the storage capacity of the current plant, with the addition of complete conveyor lines for increased flexibility.

For Lavazza’s roasted coffee plant, the expansion includes product dosing and control systems, with the addition of different types of pneumatic, mechanical and disc conveyors, in addition to the development of the storage section.

For Brambati Group, the partnership is a great commercial success and a further positive confirmation of its production and manufacturing philosophy, which has achieved great acclaim in the international market, and is the culmination of a collaboration that has lasted seven years.

Brambati Group President and Chief Executive Officer Fabrizio Brambati says the company has made great strides and an enormous effort even during the pandemic to ensure its customer assistance never fails.

“Our customers have always been served even remotely. We have organised remote webinars for companies all over the world, and we make extensive use of virtual commissioning, so our technicians are able to carry out tests and train operators online abroad to ensure the continuity of our high-quality standards, a crucial aspect for a company that produces more than 30 tonnes of coffee every hour, 24 hours a day,” he says.

“We are extremely satisfied that this commitment has been recognised by a major company such as Lavazza, which has achieved the excellence known to consumers worldwide thanks to its use of high-quality raw materials and the utmost attention to production processes.”

Brambati’s partnership with Lavazza began in 2014, when it first trialled one of Brambati Group’s roasters. The companies have continued their partnership over the years with multiple collaborations aimed at modernising the plants of certain production sites of Lavazza Group.

Seven years on, Lavazza has chosen to rely on Brambati’s cutting-edge technological solutions, and knowledge in the creation of customised coffee processing systems.

Brambati Group was confirmed as the roaster of choice after trials and machines tests, and an evaluation of the company from a corporate point of view. This included Brambati’s financial reliability, corporate welfare, and impact on the environment. In this context, Turin-based Lavazza found the results achieved by Brambati Group, in collaboration with prominent Italian university institutes, were highly significant to their decision making: from energy saving to process tolerability, with the use of the most advanced emission abatement systems.

Chief Operations Officer of Lavazza Group of Lavazza, Eleuterio Quagliarini, says advanced technology, reliability and attention to environmental impacts are the values that led the company to choose Brambati as a partner to expand its production plants.

“Lavazza seeks excellence on every level, from the selection of the coffee to the cup, the production process, thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge technological solutions, plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the excellent quality of each of the over 30 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed each year around the world,” Quagliarini says.

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