Lavazza hosts ¡Tierra! sustainability conference

On 7 June, Lavazza Chief Sustainability Officer Mario Cerutti led a conference focusing on the Italian roaster’s approach to sustainability with a deep dive on two of the 24 ¡Tierra! projects managed by the Lavazza Foundation, at World of Coffee in Berlin, Germany. “¡Tierra! is synonymous with projects focused on the improvement and development of coffee farming communities from an economic, social and environmental point of view, as well as a range of premium blends, containing coffee from communities involved in the sustainability projects and grown in Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farms,” Cerutti says. After a quick overview by Cerutti on the Lavazza Foundation, the discussion turned to the Lambari Sustainability Project, with local agronomist Max Ochoa and coffee producer Ricardo Silva taking to the stage. Read more:
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• Lavazza Chairman Marco Lavazza predicts a competitive 2019 Since 2010, the Lavazza Foundation, in partnership with Hanss R. Neumann Stiftung, has increased the income of small-scale coffee farmers in Lambari, Brazil by supporting climate change adaptation and good agricultural practices. The conversation then shifted to Colombia, where the Lavazza Foundation has partnered with Carcafè to manage the Meta Sustainability Project. Since 2013, empty plots of land in Meta have been reassigned and given back to displaced peasant families. Lavazza says farmers are slowly coming back to the region and reviving coffee production. Project Coordinator Vivian Vasquez and Field Project Coordinator Jorge Andres Adarme Muñoz illustrated the achievements and challenges that coffee farmers in the Meta department are facing every day. The conference ended with a deep dive on how its collaboration with Rainforest Alliance has positively impacted both communities, created sustainable working conditions, and raised the coffee quality. Lavazza also showcased the coffees sourced from the Lambari and Meta Sustainability Projects – Tierra! Colombia and ¡Tierra! Brasile – with a fully-dedicated stand at World of Coffee. A team of Specialty Coffee Association certified baristas were on hand to serves coffees and specially crafted coffee cocktails using the two espresso blends. ¡Tierra! Colombia is a blend of washed Arabica beans Lavazza describes as harmoniously aromatic and mild, enhanced by its characteristic sweetness, refined acidity and rich body. ¡Tierra! Brasile is a natural Arabica blend. Lavazza calls it is a full-bodied and smooth-textured espresso, with notes of caramel, hazelnuts and milk chocolate. For more information, visit

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