Le Café Alain Ducasse to feature La Marzocco at Taste of Paris

La Marzocco will be featured at the Le Café Alain Ducasse during the Taste of Paris festival from 9 to 12 May. Le Café Alain Ducasse is the brainchild of its celebrity chef namesake and operates cafés in Paris and London. La Marzocco has designed a unique La Marzocco Strada model for the Parisian boutique café. The machine features a curved glass body providing a window to the steam boiler which is engraved with the La Marzocco and Alain Ducasse brands. Read more:
• La Marzocco reveals KB90 espresso machine
• La Marzocco opens new UK and Ireland headquarters La Marzocco says each step in the making of the espresso machine was completed under the watch of head designer Stefano Della Pietra at the La Marzocco headquarters. Ducasse’s team travelled to the headquarters in Scarperia, Italy to work with La Marzocco’s research and development team to create the Strada. Le Café Alain Ducasse at Taste of Paris will display La Marzocco’s newest product, the KB90, featuring a straight-in portafilter system as well as the bespoke Strada model. For more information, visit Image: La Marzocco

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