Live Webinar: Smart Packaging hub on sustainable canned food packaging

Held on the 27th of May, members of the Smart Packaging Hub will come together with guest speakers including Corné Huijben, Manager Knowledge Development and Projects NVC Netherlands Packaging Center, to discuss and solve design challenges with canned food packaging lines.

With canned food one of the fastest growing macro-sectors, producers are constantly looking for innovative applications and packaging solutions to save time and increase packaging quality.

The event, titled Creating the canned food packaging line of the future for sustainable packaging to the market, will discuss topics such as predictive maintenance and securing product quality and sustainability with points supported by business cases.

George Ostroom, CEO Cooros will give a testimonial on secondary packaging sustainability and recyclability. Ostroom has been investigating the possibility of using solid-board packaging, after realising that plastic wrap packaging for multipack cans and jars was becoming unfavourable to customers and retailers.

The event will also address sustainability in overall equipment effectiveness, with a focus on technology that is designed for specific applications. Clean designs and machine flexibility will also be included in the discussion.

Designed to present the latest solutions, the Smart Packing Hub platform will also discuss the Total Productive Maintenance construction philosophy that focuses on changing how producers view equipment maintenance.

Other guest speakers will include Franco Lupi, Research and Development Manager at Opem, Roberto Campagnini, Sales Manager at Baumer, Luca Carollo, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Clevertech, and more.

Green friendly applications, such as in the labelling field, will also be discussed with no-cost solutions showcased.

The Smart Packaging Hub was developed by domain-expert companies Baumer, Opem, Zacmi, Cama, Clevertech, Marko Labelling and Tosa, aimed at discovering and promoting digital innovation across the packaging value chain.

The event will be held from 3-4pm CET time. To register please click here.

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