Löfbergs launches Finnish subsidiary

Löfbergs has established a formal subsidiary in Finland due to the Swedish coffee roaster’s growth in the country.

The company also announced Kent Pettersson, currently working as Sales Director at Löfbergs, as its Finnish CEO, effective from 1 July. Petterson will be in charge of food retail in Sweden and Finland.

“We have doubled our sales in Finland during the last five years. Our task now is to secure continued profitable growth. It should not be impossible, considering the response we are getting among Finns, one of the heaviest coffee drinkers in the world,” Petterson says.

The sales of Löfbergs’s coffee in Finland are increasing in food retail as well as among cafés and restaurants, which it attributes to its positioning with dark roast coffee. While Löfbergs says the coffee segment as a whole is stagnant in Finland, the sales of dark roast coffee increase with about 30 per cent per year.

“We got it right with our dark roast coffee and have won the hearts of many Finnish coffee lovers. It is naturally something we will build on. At the same time, we will develop our assortment of cold beverages,” Pettersson says.

Löfbergs has, in the recent past, secured several large deals and cooperative arrangements in Finland. Löfbergs is, for example, the official coffee partner of the new multi-purpose arena Uros Live in Tampere, which will be inaugurated in the autumn of 2021. Löfbergs says this and other arena investments are an important part of the work to increase awareness among Finnish consumers.

In 2018, Löfbergs initiated a sales cooperation with Nordqvist tea house to meet an increased demand and strengthen the service degree to Finnish food retail.

“With help from the Nordqvist sales force, we are strengthening our presence in Finnish food retail. Combined with arena investments and other cooperative arrangements, it gives us great opportunities to continue to grow and reach our goal to be the most popular coffee supplier in Finland,” Petterson says.

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