Löfbergs aims to eliminate waste from coffee supply chain by 2030

Swedish based coffee group Löfbergs has launched the Circular Coffee Community initiative, with the clear-cut purpose of eliminating all waste related to coffee.

To ensure focus and accelerate progress, the company has appointed Lars Aaen Thøgersen as its Chief Innovation and Circular Transformation Officer as part of the group management team.

The coffee industry, and the world as a whole, is in urgent need of circular transformation, and Löfbergs says it has made a landmark decision to drive that transformation. By 2030, it says all waste related to the growing, processing and consumption of coffee must be eliminated.

Löfbergs’s ambition is to include as many stakeholders as possible both in and outside the industry to pursue the ultimate goal of zero waste by 2030.

“Climate change and waste of resources are threatening not only our business, but the entire global coffee value chain from farmers to consumers. We need to revolutionise the way we think about coffee and utilise all the nutritious and useful resources of the coffee plant,” Thøgersen says.

Thøgersen’s primary focus will be to lead the circular transformation within Löfbergs and beyond in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“At Löfbergs we have made circular transformation and the SDGs the pivotal point of our business strategy. The task now is to ensure that this strategic change pays off both commercially, socially and environmentally,” Lars Appelqvist, CEO of Löfbergs explains.

Löfbergs represents six brands in ten core markets in Europe and Canada.

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