Löfbergs partners with Waynes coffee chain

Löfbergs Waynes

From spring of 2021 in Sweden, Löfbergs will be the exclusive coffee supplier to all Waynes coffee shops around the world.

“A collaboration that creates value for both us and Waynes. For our part, it is about Löfbergs getting a firmer foothold in the Swedish coffee shop market, at same time as we reach new markets around the world,” says Fredrik Nilsson, acting CEO of Löfbergs.

Waynes, which was founded in 1994, currently operates in ten markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Its aim is to continue to grow, both in Sweden and abroad.

“We share the passion for the Swedish fika culture and the same vision in terms of quality and sustainability. Organic coffee is the core of Waynes’s business, and it has therefore been important to find a supplier that shares our values and our focus on the good flavour. Löfbergs is a perfect partner that can strengthen our offer,” says Mats Hörnell, CEO of Waynes.

Waynes opened its first coffee shop in Stockholm in 1994. Today, Waynes has about 160 coffee shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the UK, Cyprus, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and China.

A change in ownership occurred in 2018 and the new owners have a strong focus on expansion. Waynes has established three new markets and opened about 40 new coffee shops since a change in ownership.

“Waynes has made an amazing journey, and it will be incredibly exciting to be a part of their continuous growth. We also see great potential in Waynes’ new line of ownership, which can bring expanded business opportunities for both of us,” says Nilsson.

Both Löfbergs and Waynes have a strong focus on sustainability. Löfbergs is one of the largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee in the world. All coffee at Waynes is organic, which means that it is farmed without any artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides.

“Working sustainably is the foundation of our entire business. All our coffee is organic, which means that we and our guests are taking responsibility for people and the planet. This is not something we compromise on, and we feel completely confident in being able to keep delivering fair and good products together with Löfbergs,” says Hörnell.

With Löfbergs, Waynes have developed a unique coffee assortment that is especially adapted for its guests. The coffee is made of carefully selected beans from organic and Rainforest Alliance certified farms in South and Central America as well as East Africa.

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