Löfbergs secures 100 per cent fossil-free sea transport


Swedish-based coffee company Löfbergs is taking an important step to reduce its carbon footprint. By cooperating with logistics company Scanlog, the family-owned coffee company secures 100 per cent fossil-free sea transport, a measure that reduces carbon emissions with 1800 metric tonnes.

“It is a milestone on our sustainability journey. This means that we reduce the emissions from sea transport with 100 per cent and that we can offer our customers even more sustainable coffee,” says Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén, Sustainability Manager at Löfbergs.

Löfbergs is one of the first to use Scanlog’s new solution that reduces emissions from sea transport by fuelling ships with liquid biogas, an upgraded biogas in liquid form in accordance with the mass balance approach.

This means Löfbergs pays for biogas that covers the company’s transport of green coffee from the producing countries. The biogas is produced by manure and is the fuel with the highest emission reduction compared to fossil fuels.

“The biogas costs more than fossil fuels, but we do not think that we can afford to not use it. We have to reduce the emissions in every part of our value chain. Being the first to finance the fuel exchange to 100 per cent means that we are showing that there is a functioning solution, and that will hopefully lead to more companies converting,” says Ljudén.

The transports represent 14 per cent of the emissions of the world, which was a driving force when Scanlog developed its product for fossil-free sea transport.

“Sea transport has gone under the radar for a long time, which is why it is important that there are companies like Löfbergs that dare to be pioneers and show that it is possible to reduce the emissions here and now. We hope that it can inspire other companies and accelerate a necessary conversion within the transport sector,” says Matilda Jarbin, Head of Sustainability & Communications at Scanlog.

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