Löfbergs to expand roasting facilities in Karlstad


Löfbergs has unveiled plans to expand its roasting facilities in Karlstad, Sweden.

“This is an investment permeated with a belief in the future. We are going to grow with about 30 per cent up to 2026 and we can manage that with the facilities we have, but we need to bring in more capacity to reach the next level,” says Löfbergs Chairman of the Board Kathrine Löfberg.

Löfbergs currently has two roasting houses in Karlstad, Sweden: one for ground coffee in central Karlstad and one for whole beans in Välsviken. The latter will house the majority of operations moving forward.

“When we built the new roasting house in Välsviken, we planned for continued growth, which means that there is plenty of room to expand our activities in the area,” says Löfberg.

“Just as before, we are focusing on building a state-of-the-art facility to meet the high demands of our customers on flavour, quality, and sustainability.”

The move from central Karlstad to Välsviken will give Löfbergs Fastigheter, the real estate company of the Löfberg family, the opportunity to keep on developing the area around the coffee scraper at Bryggudden in central Karlstad.

“The coffee scraper is an appreciated part of the townscape and will remain in the Löfberg family’s possession,” says Löfberg. “The ambition is that the area will still have a strong connection to coffee in the future.”

The company says there is currently no official start date yet for expanding its Välsviken location.

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