Loring launches Roast Architect

Loring Smart Roast has launched its new Roast Architect, a Windows-based application that allows Loring roaster owners to design and edit roast profiles on their computer. It also enables the display of post-roast data as a graph, and the capture of detailed diagnostic information.
“We’re excited to introduce this new state-of-the-art software,” said Henry Perez, Director of Engineering. “It will help simplify the creation, management and distribution of roast profiles while protecting the customers’ investment by providing a seamless upgrade path for control system files.”
Roast Architect provides precise control over profiles through a combination of enterable attributes and a point-and-click curve editor. Profiles can be uploaded directly to the roaster, or may be shared with other roasting professionals. Roast data files can easily be converted between different versions and formats.
“Roast Architect is a powerful tool that helps us manage and analyse our roasts and modify our profiles with ease,” said David Pritchard, Owner of Birds and Beans. “It will make our lives easier while giving us the ability to improve our coffee even more.”
The application also offers easy-to-read graphs, an archive of roast profiles and the real-time diagnostic abilities of Roast Reporter.  Information is stored locally or can be configured to automatically send data to Loring support for analysis.
Roast Architect is available to existing Loring roaster owners. Customers can download the application for free from Loring designs and manufactures innovative coffee roasting solutions, along with destoners, bean carts, and custom roaster accessories. For more information, visit or see the Loring team demonstrate the Roast Architect app at World of Coffee in Amsterdam booth #D19.

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