Loring Smart Roast

Loring Smart Roast, based in Santa Rosa, CA, is now shipping the new Peregrine 70-kilogram full bag coffee roaster. This roaster joins the product line alongside the Kestrel 35-kilogram and Merlin 15-kilogram roasters, and offers the same patented Flavour-Lock Roast Process Technology that allows Roastmasters to bring out the best flavour in every bean. All Loring Roasters are designed as smokeless roasters and use up to 80 per cent less of the fuel required by conventional roasters of comparable size with an afterburner. The Peregrine features the same touch screen computer controls, programmable roast profiles, and high-speed cooling system but has specifications to handle three full bags per hour. Now high volume artisan coffee roasters can have the same features pioneered with Loring’s smaller roasters, scaled to meet their processing needs. For more details on the Peregrine S70, Kestrel S35 or Merlin A15, go to

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