Loring Smart Roast

Loring has developed a new Demo roaster as a training and educational asset to bring the advanced technology of Loring roasters to a greater number of members in the global roasting community. Loring’s Demo roaster has a roast capacity of 300 grams to 1.5 kilograms. It is designed to look and function just as the company’s larger capacity commercial S-series line of roasters, such as the S15 Falcon, S35 Kestrel and S70 Peregrine, but in a smaller capacity. Loring introduced the Demo roaster for the first time in the roasting tent at the SCAA Roaster’s Guild Event. It is excited to now bring the fully functional roaster on the road, where it is commonly difficult to set up commercial roasters. It will be used for demonstrations, education and training events, both public and private. Using the same software as Loring’s S-series roasters, the Demo roaster has been extensively tested and shown to deliver roast results that are consistent with all of the S-series commercial roasters. Roast profiles developed on the Demo roaster can be transferred and run on any of the S-series roasters. At less than 180 kilograms, the Demo roaster is designed to travel well and work with propane or natural gas and with options for electrical connections commonly available world wide. The Demo roaster is not available for purchase. For more information or to set up a demonstration, email or visit

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