Ludlow Coffee CEO Jamie Brown on growing brands in 2024

jamie brown

Jamie Brown describes 2023 as an award-winning year for Ludlow Coffee. He shares his thoughts with GCR on what to expect in 2024. 

In addition to our sustained commercial growth, we have solidified our position by creating a new strategic direction for Ludlow Coffee Group with a restructure of our business and brands by reinforcing our position as a leading 360 coffee solution business with Coffee Planet. We have also created a new brand for our global roasting capability – Jigsaw Coffee Company. This will allow us to prioritise and execute the business goals of each brand.

At Coffee Planet specifically, we are proud of the innovation we have brought to market with the likes of our SCA accredited educational institute, Campus by Coffee Planet, Cold Brew products, and a number of others and propositions under our new brand positioning.

Off the back of an award-winning year, we will continue to grow the Coffee Planet and Jigsaw brands. Cold Brew and the wider ready-to-drink market will continue to be a big opportunity for us as we innovate for an increasingly demanding consumer that is looking for a variety of high-quality drinks for different occasions and needs.

Ongoing innovation such as cold brew will allow us to achieve our commercial and international goals, and continue to penetrate the various channels we work with: HORECA, food services, retail, the workplace, on-the-go, or private label.

We believe sustainability will continue to be top of the agenda for many of our customers, consumers, and partners in 2024. Off the back of our involvement in COP28, held in Dubai, Coffee Planet will build on its passion to do the right thing for the planet, our people, and the whole value chain. This includes completing our journey to have 100 per cent traceable beans, responsible waste management, and our ongoing development of sustainable products, such as fully home compostable capsules.

At Ludlow Coffee Group, we are proud of our mission to elevate coffee experiences in everything we do, and our work to achieve our vision of inspiring generations to strive for greater coffee from crop to cup. Our new brand identity for Coffee Planet is underpinned by our desire to be “everyone’s cup of specialty”. Our wish is to work across the industry and strive to do that for every company, partner, consumer, and country we have the opportunity to support.

This article was first published in the January/February 2024 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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