Macchiavalley’s Cervino Automatic Coffee Machine

Macchiavalley’s Cervino is made of durable and robust quality components. The actively heated brew unit has teflon-coated elements. This long-life brew unit does not need to be checked until after serving over 60,000 cups of coffee. The boiler in the new Cervino can be opened and closed again, to replace the heating elements, and is energy-efficient thanks to the heat exchanger. The new Cervino model is designed for high performance and simple operation, and requires a 400 volt/4600 watt connection. It manages to make specialty coffees from up to 3.6 kilograms of coffee beans per hour, as the patented boiler with heat exchanger guarantees no waiting time between shots. Whether during a break at a function, at peak times at service stations or lunchtime in the café: cappuccino, espresso, filter coffee, take-away coffee and hot chocolate can be prepared in a matter of seconds. Each cup is prepared with fresh faucet water, and milk drinks can be prepared with 100 per cent fresh milk. The 7-inch i-Touch screen display leads one intuitively through the menus. The touch-and-scroll function and simple zooming of the controls ensures ease of use. The spout height of the Cervino can be quickly adjusted for cups, mugs or glasses via an elegantly designed slide bar. For more information visit

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