Macchiavalley’s Fuego Silence

Macchiavalley’s Fuego Silence is a fully automated machine designed to produce high volumes of coffee. Whether for the bakery, petrol station or hotel, the Fuego Silence is easy to use and economically efficient. Its rotational speed-controlled brewing unit ensures consistent extraction. Its seven-inch touchscreen display is easy to operate. Included in its standard equipment is a high-performance rotary pump, a patented boiler with heat exchanger to make sure there is no waiting time between the shots, an integrated, electronically controlled milk pump and a variable spout that can be adjusted with an elegantly designed slide bar. The Fuego Silence can produce up to 3.6 kilograms of coffee beans per hour into a delicious coffee speciality. The bean hoppers take 1 kilogram of beans and can be upgraded to 3 kilograms. Up to 24 drink selections can be programmed with the Fuego. For more information visit:

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