Mahlkönig Guatemala

Mahlkönig Guatemala

Mahlkönig presents a redesigned version of the popular Guatemala shop grinder. The classic model has gone through a face-lift while keeping loved and proven technical specifications.

The Guatemala hopper has a capacity of about 900 grams, and is equipped with a further developed set of burrs. The proven vertical positioning of the grinding chamber ensures almost residue-free grinding. As a result, the grinder contributes to an outstanding taste experience with every single cup.

The grinder also has a fresh new look with its modern shape and black colour. It fits into any kind of ambience where the grinder becomes a quality promise and a visual highlight at the same time.

With the new Mahlkönig Guatemala, users can select first-class premium grinding, with the upmost user- friendliness. It is ideal for brew bars, for pre-ground coffee retail, as well as cuppings and laboratory analysis.

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