Mahlkönig grinds the perfect cup

From 20 to 24 October last year, the city of Milan, Italy, welcomed more than 197,000 hospitality professionals to its biennial event for the hospitality, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) industry and retail sector. Many of those attending the 40th HostMilano were interested in viewing the latest innovations in the coffee industry and the showcase for German grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig – the launch of its 2.0 series – drew the eyes and camera lenses of coffee shop owners and other sector players. Mahlkönig was founded in Germany in 1924 and was the first manufacturer to introduce fresh portion grinding “on demand”, explains Head of Global Marketing Anne Krahmer, allowing it to retain the entirety of the coffee aroma in each cup. The new 2.0 series – consisting of the K30 2.0, K30 Twin 2.0 and K30 Twin 2.0 Hybrid – builds on the manufacturer's long history of grinding expertise and technical innovation to fulfil the current and future requirements of the modern, sophisticated coffee bar. Head of Global Product Management and Innovation Daniel Hofstetter says the K30 2.0 is a top-class espresso grinder combining proved functionality with an innovative user-interface. The K30 Twin 2.0, as its name suggests, doubles the capacity of its smaller sibling in the series, with the two-in-one grinder only adding 13 centimetres to the unit's width, stepping up from 24 to 37 centimetres and saving valuable counter space. Going one step further in versatility without any size or weight difference to the K30 Twin 2.0 is the K30 Twin 2.0 Hybrid, a combined espresso and filter coffee grinder that is the undisputed highlight of Mahlkönig's portfolio. Krahmer says it is the first machine to combine grinders for espresso and filter coffee within one unit. “Each built-in grinder is equipped with a specially designed set of grinding discs for either espresso or filter coffee grinding, providing individually perfect grinding results for each brewing method,” she says. Each of the grinders feature multi-touch displays, providing an intuitive and easy control of the equipment, saving time when training new staff and creating a smooth workflow. Krahmer says these kinds of features clearly show that the industry is entering a new era of the Internet of Things. According to Krahmer, Mahlkönig's sales and service network covers almost every country. Europe and North America have been core markets for decades, but the company has expanded into Asia along with the region's added interest in all things coffee. Mahlkönig collaborates internationally with coffee shop chains, supermarkets, roasters and coffee equipment suppliers, who usually provide local technical service and support. The company will celebrate its centenary in coffee grinding technology in 2024. Over that time, it has witnessed trends wax and wane and sometimes resurface again. One such comeback has been that of the traditional pour over method of making filter coffee, which initially regained favour as a special brewing method, re-discovered and celebrated by leading specialty coffee shops. Nowadays, Krahmer says, pour over coffee is again on the menu at most specialty coffee shops. “Along with this trend came a growing awareness of specialty coffee and for the coffee's quality among consumers, which led to new specific demands among our customers, too,” she says. “We translated these demands into new coffee grinding solutions, focusing on the recent requirements of our clients: to offer the right particle size profile to match the brewing method with up to date technological features contributing to a smooth workflow at the bar.” These were the needs that led to the development of the K30 2.0 series, as well as the EK43 S, which brings the grinding performance of Mahlkönig's iconic EK43 to a smaller frame. “At Mahlkönig, we are pleased to see how passionate the coffee industry is on a more scientific approach towards coffee,” Hofstetter says. “This allows us not only to capitalise on our current strength and assets, but to develop tomorrow's grinder generation with an increased understanding of the grinding fundamentals. “We live and breathe grinding in order to stay ahead of the curve with our product line up.” Krahmer says that Mahlkönig will be looking back on 100 years of history and experience in coffee grinding technology soon. “Incorporating the most recent technological developments into our coffee grinders has always played an important role for us, and it will do so in the future too.” She says the company will continue to make its grinders as convenient and intuitive as technically possible, and would always lead in quality – both in materials and performance. “Mahlkönig is pioneering in coffee grinding technology and genuinely dedicated to the specialty coffee community,” she says.

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