Mahlkoenig presents at Internorga 2014

Mahlkoenig’s coffee grinders will be put to the test at Internorga’s trade show in Hamburg from 14 – 19 March. Internorga, a leading European trade show, is expected to attract over 100, 000 visitors over the six days. Accompanying 1200 national and international exhibitors, Mahlkoenig will be one of many leading brands exhibiting this year. Mahlkoenig representatives will present the popular group of K30 grinders, demonstrating the EK43 model at their very own Brew Bar. The EK43 grinder took centre stage when Matt Perger used it to win the World Brewers Cup Championship in 2012. The K30 family will be presented in its entirety at Internorga with Mahlkoenig staff on hand to explain the benefits of the individual models.

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