Mahlkoenig RFID K30 Espresso Grinder

Mahlkoenig’s popular K30 espresso grinder has been relaunched with some advanced communication technology, which the company developed to meet the requirements of specialty coffee roasters and coffee bars. The machine has been designed to enable a data exchange between the bean’s reservoir and the grinder, enabling highly accurate logging of portions ground per day. A quality indicator measures the remaining capacity and number of portions, with a signal that warns when the coffee supply is running low. The radio frequency identification (RFID) version functions via a smart card, and is designed for roasters who provide espresso machines to their clients. The card ensures that cafés are only grinding the amount of coffee delivered and is blocked for “external grinding”. The card is loaded with a pre-defined grinding length (in seconds) similar to a pay card and is delivered to the client by the coffee roaster along with the coffee. The appliance is activated by holding the card against the transmitter or the grinder’s antenna. The credit balance is loaded from the card, and the grinder is unlocked to grind, for example, 1 kilogram of coffee. After the time required to grind that amount of coffee, the grinder is blocked and only functions again if it is activated with a new smart card. For more information visit

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