Mahlkönig to display latest advances in coffee grinder technology at Host event in Milan

At this year’s Host event, Mahlkönig will be presenting further developments for its popular coffee grinder K30 and the semi-professional models Vario home and ProM. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) version of the popular K30 espresso grinder has been specifically developed for the requirements of specialty coffee roasters and coffee bars, the company noted in a press release. This technology enables a data exchange between the beans' reservoir and the grinder, meaning that control and recording functions are possible way above the counting and logging of portions ground per day. Via a quantity indicator, it is possible to measure the remaining capacity and portions. A signal warns in good time if the coffee supply is running low. In addition, the company noted there is also a new RFID version which functions via a smart card, designed specifically for roasters who fund an espresso machine for their clients. With the RFID smart card users can ensure that the grinder genuinely only grinds the amount of coffee delivered and is blocked for additional “external grinding”. The smart card is loaded with a pre-defined grinding length (in seconds) – similar to a pay card – and is delivered to the client by the coffee roaster along with the coffee. The appliance is activated with the loaded-up smart card by holding the card against the transmitter or the grinder’s antenna. The credit balance is loaded from the card onto the grinder and the grinder is unlocked to grind, for example, 1 kilogram of coffee. After the pre-defined grinding time required for 1 kilogram of coffee beans, for example, the grinder is blocked and only grinds again if it is activated with a new smart card. Mahlkönig notes that it is also keeping up with the growing trend of filter coffee preparation in the gastronomy industry with a further version of the popular Vario home, catering to elaborate and professional filter coffee preparation using the French Press, aero-press or “Karlsbader Kanne” in so-called “brew bars”. The new Vario-W is designed exclusively for grinding filter coffee and therefore grinds according to weight rather than a pre-defined time. Highly sensitive scales which measure the coffee powder to the exact gram are fixed under the ground coffee container. This means that the amount of coffee ground can always be reproduced exactly. The grinding degree can be set infinitely variably and very finely via two slide controls. The new ProM Espresso, a further development of the ProM all-round grinder, “represents the antithesis of filter coffee grinding”, according to the press release. It has a large hopper which takes at least 600 grams of espresso beans. For easy dosage of double or single shots, the new display has been provided with a touch screen. To use more than one variety of espresso, the hopper can be closed by using the hopper slide and replaced. A video of these new grinders can be seen at Host will take place from 21 to 25 October in Milan. 

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