Mahlkönig brings the EK Omnia grinder to the market

EK Omnia

Mahlkönig introduces the EK Omnia, its new flagship espresso and filter coffee grinder that brings a host of new features to the Mahlkönig EK range.

Since the first Mahlkönig products launched in 1924, Hemro Group believes the brand has maintained a position at the forefront of coffee grinder technology through a commitment to innovation.

This almost century-long legacy continues with the introduction of the EK Omnia, almost 25 years after the company launched its flagship grinder, the EK 43.

Hemro Group CEO Dr. Marcel Lehmann says the EK Omnia sets a new standard for efficiency, precision, and consistency.

“EK 43 is the most widely sold premium coffee grinder globally, and since its initial launch in 1990, it has become a coffee industry icon and a stamp of approval for everyone who uses it or sells it,” he says.

“Built on the legacy of the iconic EK 43, the EK Omnia is Mahlkönig’s new flagship grinder designed for unprecedented consistency and efficiency, expanding its globally respected line-up of professional coffee grinders and further cementing EK’s status as a coffee industry icon.”

Omnia means ‘everything’ or ‘all things’, derived from the Latin word ‘omnis’, meaning ‘all’ or ‘every’. Lehmann says ‘omnia’ is often used to convey the idea of encompassing or including all possible elements.

“We feel EK Omnia is exactly that – the ultimate grinding solution for every coffee professional’s need,” he says.

The grinder is equipped with a suite of new features that make it an effective tool for high-demand, high-expectation settings. With three grind modes – Classic Mode, Timed Mode, and Library Mode – Lehmann says the EK Omnia is a “masterstroke in efficiency”.

“Those familiar with using an EK 43 will feel right at home grinding in the Omnia Classic Mode. Simply turn the dial to the desired number and grind. The numbers are displayed around the outside of the adjustment dial, as well as a number displaying the disk distance in the centre,” he says.

Lehmann notes that the adjustment dial touchscreen is now in high definition, which is the gateway to new smart features and the accurate display of grind information.

“Once the user has an approximate grind setting, Omnia unlocks the potential to fine-tune that grind. Users can touch the centre of the display to access and adjust the menu, then simply tap plus or minus to adjust the grind in very small increments,” he says.

In Time Mode, baristas can create recipes for different coffees or brew methods and assign the grind size, and grind time. Once saved, the recipes can be accessed at the swipe of the finger. The grinder will automatically adjust the dial on its own, ready for the next grind. Once the new start-stop button is activated, the EK Omnia will grind and stop at the desired time.

“We have increased the size of the button to make it easy to find, plus it has a built-in status light in the shape of an ‘O’ to tell you the grinder’s operation,” Lehmann says.

He says the most impressive innovation, however, is the EK Omnia’s Library Mode in combination with the Pre-Dosing Unit.

“This feature incorporates a volumetric dosing hopper and an automatic grind adjustment mechanism, providing users with the power to maintain consistent recipes without the need for constant recalibration,” Lehmann says.

“Regardless of who is using the grinder, or the type of coffee being prepared, the same recipe can be saved and effortlessly utilised. Saved grinding recipes seamlessly integrate volumetric dosing with micron-level grind size settings. The grind size, meticulously measured in real-time by micron distance, eliminates any guesswork or reliance on arbitrary dials. When a recipe is selected, the grinder instantly fine-tunes both the burr distance and pre-dosing unit to precisely match the chosen parameters.

“The EK Omnia used in Library Mode eliminates variations in coffee quality across different locations, ensuring the same recipe delivers consistent excellence globally.”

The grinder’s air conditioning motor has also been replaced with an advanced brushless direct current motor that is more energy efficient, creates less coffee spray, and is near silent.

In terms of design, Mahlkönig wanted the grinder’s grinding shoot and bag holder to have a recognisable feel while still adding new features. As such, the chute includes a removable steel tube, which helps cut down on static and coffee spray, and can be removed for easy cleaning.

“At the exit of the chute Mahlkönig has also included an LED spotlight so baristas can see exactly what they are grinding no matter what the lighting conditions. The LED spotlight can be toggled on or off via the settings menu,” Lehmann says.

“Below the chute at the base of the grinder is a large tray designed to catch stray grinds and to keep your workspace clean and tidy, is included. This tray is held in place by a ring of very strong magnets. After clean-up, it snaps right back into place with ease.”

To maintain consistency across the EK range, the EK Omnia is fitted with 98-millimetre cast steel burrs made in Germany, also used in the EK 43.

Lehmann unveiled the EK Omnia to an exclusive crowd of guests during the Host Milano exhibition in Italy in October. He says the launch of the EK Omnia continues Mahlkönig’s legacy of pushing coffee grinding technology forward via innovation.

“The EK Omnia’s ground-breaking features unlock limitless barista and coffee quality potential. We are incredibly excited about this launch as we feel it marks a pivotal moment for both Mahlkönig and the coffee industry as a whole,” Lehmann says.

He says the EK Omnia represents not just a product, but a leap forward in how coffee professionals can approach their craft.

“Our team has poured countless hours of research, development, and expertise into creating the EK Omnia, and we believe it will empower baristas to explore new dimensions of flavour and consistency in coffee preparation,” Lehmann says.

“We envision the EK Omnia becoming an essential tool in the hands of baristas, enabling them to craft extraordinary coffee with precision and creativity. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of coffee.”

Lehmann adds he is humbled and inspired by the passion Mahlkönig ignites within the coffee community.

“Mahlkönig has always enabled baristas to bring specialty coffee even to places where it did not exist yet. By taking the guesswork out of grinding and dosing, it allows baristas to focus on refining their craft and delivering exceptional coffee experiences,” he says.

“As we introduce the EK Omnia to the market, we look forward to seeing the impact it will have, the new horizons it will open, and the stories it will help coffee professionals create with every cup. This launch is a celebration of innovation, craftsmanship, and the endless possibilities that coffee can offer. We can’t wait to share it with the world.”

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This article was first published in the January/February 2024 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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