Mahlkönig E65S GbW

Mahlkönig has revolutionised the process of espresso grinding with its new Grind-by-Weight (GbW) technology. With coffee shop owners always striving for consistent first-class product quality, Mahlkönig aims to meet this need by serving the customer an outstanding taste experience in every single cup. 

The E65S GbW makes this possible – and hence becomes the first choice for quality-aware professional baristas around the world. When you dose by volume or a preset timer, the chosen degree of fineness or the condition of the coffee can create fluctuations, resulting in unreliable extractions and taste experiences.

Mahlkönig’s Grind-by-Weight technology always produces the perfect quantity required – ground exactly according to your settings. This is how the E65S GbW sets itself apart from other grind-by-weight models on the market.

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