Man to take on machine at The London Coffee Festival

Technology will be pitted against tradition when baristas compete for the best brew during The London Coffee Festival, from 30 April – 03 May. Baristas from Caravan in the United State, Mission Coffee Works in the United Kingdom and Climpson & Sons also in the UK will go up against the Alpha Dominche Steampunk machine. The coffee professionals will each brew their coffee using hand-brewing methods, while the Steampunk will rely on technology to get the best out of their beans. The duel will give coffee enthusiasts the chance to see how the brewing differs in quality, speed and consistency and decide which triumphs in appearance and taste. To brew using the Steampunk, water is heated in the upper chamber using steam, the piston is inserted to the top crucible and coffee is added. Dosing the water over the coffee using steam allows it to be pre-infused. Additional steam can be used to accelerate extraction. Once the brew process is complete a valve is opened between the two chambers. The condensed steam lowers the pressure and draws the liquid down into the lower chamber. To brew using the barista requires skill, dedication and a few trick, many of which remain closely guarded trade secrets. The Steampunk comes from Alpha Dominche, an American company based in Utah. It will be attending The London Coffee Festival on behalf of Mulmar Food Services, itsdistributor in the UK. The London Coffee Festival will launch UK Coffee Week, a nationwide fundraising initiative for Project Waterfall. A registered charity of the Allegra Foundation, Project Waterfall aims to bring clean drinking water to coffee growing communities.

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