Marco Beverage Systems extends the FRIIA range

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Hot water and coffee brewing systems manufacturer Marco Beverage Systems has announced the release of new FRIIA fonts.

Following the successful launch of the FRIIA in October 2019, Marco Beverage Systems says demand grew for an extension to the FRIIA range to include cold or cold/sparkling only variants. In addition to this, the growing use of personal water bottles meant that higher fonts were required to meet consumer demand.

The new FRIIA range includes:

  • Cold only (two font heights = 247 millimetre tap to tray and 305 millimetre tap to tray)
  • Cold/Sparkling  (two font heights = 247 millimetre tap to tray and 305 millimetre tap to tray)
  • Hot/Cold (one font heights = 247 millimetre tap to tray)
  • Cold only Hands-Free (one font heights = 247 millimetre tap to tray)

As COVID-19 hit during development of the new FRIIA range, and businesses began to adapt to new safety/hygiene requirements, the need for a hands-free variant also became apparent. FRIIA Cold hands-free will be launched in the new year.

The original FRIIA Hot/Cold/Sparkling and plus variants are also still available.

The compact, modular undercounter system incorporates a water chiller and, in the hot/cold variants, an award-winning MIX water boiler. The undercounter chiller incorporates aluminium block technology to chill incoming water by an average of 10˚ and the boiler contains a vacuum insulated tank to ensure temperature accuracy and energy-efficiency.

FRIIA is also 23% more energy-efficient than leading competitors. In February of this year, FRIIA won the ‘Energy Efficiency Innovation’ award in the ‘Light Catering Equipment’ category at Food & Bev Live 2020.
The updated designs remain in keeping with Marco’s established position as a leader in design and space-saving innovations. The latest fonts still have a sleek, brushed metal finish and premium LED feature, whilst continuing to deliver the classic clean, uncluttered, minimal counter aesthetic.
The hands-free variants will eliminate any hygiene concerns as it completely removes the single customer touch-point

The latest FRIIA variants are available now, hands-free will be ready early 2021.

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