Marco Beverage Systems releases ColdBRU

Marco Beverage Systems ColdBRU

Marco Beverage Systems has introduced ColdBRU, a new brewing system that allows quality cold brew concentrate to be produced in under three hours.

The product is ideal for coffee shops and retail sites that want to keep their cold brew in-house but need an efficient way to brew coffee concentrate.

“Cold brew is something every coffee shop has to have on their menu, but most don’t actually enjoy making it. It’s messy, inconsistent, and most importantly, time-consuming — not ideal for a busy coffee shop,” says Gemma Kiernan, Head of Marketing, Marco Beverage Systems.

“Our ColdBRU system delivers coffee concentrate in under three hours. It’s quick, easy, and consistent, users simply need to press a button and walk away. The other key factor is profitability, our ColdBRU system enables a higher coffee yield, meaning customers get more from their coffee.”

ColdBRU delivers an extraction of around 19 per cent and 4 per cent total dissolved liquids, resulting in a higher yield of up to 30 per cent more concentrate.

The Marco ColdBRU uses a reusable metal filter that removes the need for filter papers, meaning less waste and more coffee to sell. ColdBRU is compatible with other Macro Beverage products and easy to use with pre-set recipes.

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