Marley family gets behind Water Wise Coffee project in Ethiopia

Rohan Marley, son of rock musician Bob Marley and Founder of Marley Coffee, is supporting Technoserve’s Water Wise Coffee project in Ethiopia. Water Wise Coffee is working with coffee producers in the Sidama region of Ethiopia, to reduce the waste being generated from their wet mills. The wet milling process, which is sometimes used to extract the coffee bean from its fruit, produces organic waste that can be as toxic as sewerage. The waste is often pumped back into fresh water supplies, polluting the local water source. Rohan Marley has helped launch Water Wise Coffee’s crowd-funding campaign, which hopes to transform the wet mills in the birthplace of coffee. “Coffee connects us in so many ways – to each other, to our senses and to the earth that provides for us,” said Rohan Marley, Founder of Marley Coffee. “Coffee has so much cultural importance in Ethiopia — it’s more than a commodity, it’s a way of life, and it’s our responsibility to instil sustainable practices that benefit the community where the coffee is harvested and grown, but also the global community.” In addition to speaking out on Water Wise Coffee’s appeals video, Marley Coffee will donate one cent of every single-serve capsule it sells during the campaign to Water Wise Coffee. Ziggy Marley has made his song So Many Rising available to stream on the non-profits website. Water Wise Coffee’s campaign is hoping to raise a total of US$100,000 to help coffee producers naturally filter water using sustainable vetiver grass. The goal is to convert all 220 accessible wet mills in the Sidama coffee region by 2020. To date, more than 26 wet mills have vetiver grass wetlands that are able to provide clean water to the local community. The grass’s deep roots suck up the wastewater, slowing down flow and infiltrating into the soil. Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee has committed to matching up to US$100,000 in public donations. Technoserve’s Water Wise Coffee project has currently raised US$20,650 from 40 contributors. To donate to the Water Wise Coffee project visit the website:

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