Mazzer ZM

ZM is Mazzer’s new coffee grinder designed for specialty coffee. It features cutting-edge technology and new functionalities. With ZM’s Digital grind adjustment system, the barista can control the distance between burrs in microns so that the grind setting is accurate and repeatable. The innovative ZM’s cold grinding process keeps coffee grounds cooler to preserve flavour and taste thanks to a ventilation system with electronic control and low revolutions per minute.  Electronic True Zero calibration ensures the grind-settings are identical from grinder to grinder. Perfect burr parallelism allows users to get consistent particle size distribution with each dose. The ZM features 20 pre-programmable grind-settings, a lockable canister to keep the counter spick and span, and a Smart Knob to dial in manually or to make small grinding adjustments. The ZM has a very low coffee retention and the grinder is easy to clean thanks to the digital display that flips to the side to allow easy access to the grinding chamber. For more information, visit:

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