Melitta becomes Manchester United’s official coffee partner

Melitta will become Manchester United’s first official coffee partner and in future will work closely with the club on various communication and marketing projects. The exclusive partnership covers the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. The collaboration between Melitta and Manchester United goes well beyond a classic sponsoring partnership. As well as the media presence and numerous rights and services, which Melitta will activate on its own platforms, the partnership will be particularly visible at the Old Trafford stadium, Manchester United’s home ground. Here over 200 Melitta fully automatic coffee machines and coffee vending machines will be set up in the executive club boxes and catering areas. Melitta have also played a major role in the refurbishment of the Red Café, where Melitta products will be sold. This means that nearly half a million people who visit Old Trafford each year can enjoy Melitta’s coffee specialties. “It is a great honour for us to work so closely in a trusting relationship with the most successful football club in the world. On over 360 days of the year our products will be used in a football stadium with one of the richest traditions worldwide, under really competitive conditions”” said Volker Stühmeier, a member of Melitta’s Chief Corporate Management. Football is the most popular sport in the world and Manchester United with its over 650 million followers attracts more attention than any other club. Manchester United games can be seen regularly in 205 countries and is followed by over 130 million people on the club’s social media.

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