Melitta Remote Coffee

Melitta Remote Coffee

Even before 2020, hygiene was an important part of the catering trade. Thanks to Melitta Professional’s fully automatic cleaning system, the Clean in Place and its contactless self-service called Melitta Remote Coffee, the brand can offer the best conditions for hygiene safety.

Melitta Remote Coffee is easy to use. The screen on the coffee machine displays a custom QR code, which a customer then scans using their smartphone camera or QR code scanner. The drinks on offer are shown on their phone and customers can select their specialty coffee of choice. They then place the corresponding cup under the spout and start the brewing process on their own phone – without downloading or installing an app, and without touching the coffee machine screen. Melitta Remote Coffee is compatible with any up-to-date operating system and is available as a software update for fully automatic coffee machines from Melitta Professional with a telemetry module.

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