Mercon announces partnership with World Coffee Research

Mercon Coffee Group has committed to a new long-term partnership with World Coffee Research (WCR) on 22 January.

The partnership makes Mercon the first green bean supplier to support WCR’s full portfolio of agricultural research and development activities with a seat on WCR’s board.

In addition to providing support, the organisations will carry out collaborative research initiatives in Nicaragua and Honduras

“At Mercon, building a better coffee world means systematically working to strengthen farmers and farming communities,” says Giacomo Celi, Sustainability Director at Mercon.

“The work done by WCR globally in facilitating the adoption of the best existing varieties alongside their best agricultural packages is a reference in the industry and will have a long- term legacy for the coffee origins.”

The partnership builds on Mercon’s support for WCR’s Global Coffee Monitoring Program (GCMP), which it has supported since 2018. The GCMP aims to discover the most profitable practices for farmers across a broad range of environments.

“Through its work with the Global Coffee Monitoring Program, Mercon has demonstrated its commitment to research impacting farmers for the better. Now, with this additional support, Mercon will deepen its impact in coffee communities and aid critical research that can shape the future of coffee,” says Jennifer ‘Vern’ Long, CEO of World Coffee Research.

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