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MICE2025 dates announced

Event organisers can confirm that the 2025 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) will take place from 20 to 22 March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“We’re thrilled to see MICE come back to March, hold its position in the annual calendar of international coffee events, and be recognised as the country’s annual go-to event,” says Show Director Lauren Chartres.

Chartres says like all renowned international shows, consistency in scheduling is key to local and overseas participation.

“MICE was initially positioned early in the year until events such as COVID-19, hosting the World Barista Championship, and consequent scheduling backlog post- pandemic pushed the Expo further in the year,” she says.

“We knew this wasn’t sustainable for exhibitors, therefore MICE will return to its designated position after World of Coffee Dubai in January, and before the Specialty Coffee Expo in the United States in April. MICE will become synonymous with March once again, and we’re excited for how this will positively impact international visitors wanting to travel Down Under and make the most of business opportunities in the Asia Pacific.”

Going forward, MICE exhibitors will appreciate a reframed audience that will broaden opportunities and industry connections across the foodservice sector.

Read about MICE’s Vision 2025 here:

“For so long, MICE has been positioned as an event that’s relevant to the café industry, and more directly, café owners. While this audience will always remain, we want to target and expand the clientele to embrace a broader foodservice audience. We want to invite key decision makers from across all hospitality sectors to make a complete demographic,” says MICE General Manager Siobhan Rocks.

“Coffee is at the heart of hospitality, and in today’s market, is an important consideration to venues that go beyond the suburban coffee shop. Think hotels, high-end restaurants, architecture firms, petrol stations, and quick-service restaurants. These new avenues of connection are in the business for coffee solutions, and in a country that values its high standards of coffee output, it is an evolving demographic we need to pay attention too.”

Siobhan adds that a well-made coffee has the potential to increase revenue for any business, with a repeat customer easily turning into a loyal one.

For many restaurants and hotels, it’s also about ensuring the overall offering is complemented by coffee service, so that the last impression customers have is as good as their first.

To help drive this vision, MICE will look to connect with governments, chambers of commerce, and agencies such as Austrade, to give exhibitors more exposure than ever before.

“MICE is more than Melbourne. It encompasses all of Australia and should therefore be respected as a national event with international recognition,” Siobhan says.

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