Milan holding company Ryoma purchases WEGA and CMA Astoria

CMA (Astoria) and WEGA Espresso Coffee Machines announced on 25 October that they have been effectively purchased by holding company Ryoma.  The purchased was finalised on 9 October. Ryoma is based in  Milan, headed by Federico Gallia who acts as sole administrator. In addition to Gallia, the new management team of CMA (Astoria) and WEGA Espresso Coffee Machines will include Paolo Nadalet and Beppino Ceotto, who will take on the role of co-administrators. The continuity of the two companies, and their subsidiaries around the world, will be supported not only by the new investors, but also by the presence of Sonia Dal Tio representing the founding family, the companies said in a statement. Experienced managers Paolo Nadalet and Beppino Ceotto will be leading the company's operational management and strategy. “The cession of the companies has been carried out with the view to guaranteeing absolute continuity of operations, as wanted by the founder, Mr. Nello Dal Tio, and by the new shareholders, ensuring perpetuity without any deviation from the past, in addition to preserving the company know-how, thus guaranteeing stability to the stakeholders, with their experience in company management,” Nadalet and Ceotto stated. “At the head office and production facility, based in Susegana–Treviso, the day to day activities will proceed exactly as was the case, prior to the cession of CMA (Astoria) and WEGA Espresso Coffee Machines. The company workers and collaborators have already received ample guarantees in this regard.” “This new direction, will lead to the further development and ulterior projects which will ensure the presence of the group brands on the world markets, thus guaranteeing their visibility and future”. Mr. Nello Dal Tio, who has worked with the CMA (Astoria) brand since 1969, said: “I am enthusiastic with the solution, thanks to which our family will ensure the continuity of the associated companies, and their high level products in the form of CMA (Astoria) and WEGA”. “I am quite sure that this new direction will ensure that the companies will continue to grow, and further strengthen the optimal friendship and collaboration with our trading partners the world over. In addition to this, the confirmation of the importance of coffee culture and Italian tradition in the business of espresso coffee machines throughout the world”.”  

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